Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SPI 202: How SPI Helped Zephan Blaxberg Make the Leap

SPI 202

I want to tell you an amazing story. It’s the story of someone who took a leap of faith, chased after his passion, and found himself achieving more success than he ever dreamed.

Zephan Blaxberg is the creator of a podcast called Year of Purpose. It’s a project he started after undergoing a huge transformation in his life and his work—a life-changing encounter that gave him the courage to quit his job and pursue his passion for working with video.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied, uncertain, dejected, or just plain stuck, you need to hear Zephan’s story. He’s got advice for some of the most common roadblocks entrepreneurs face: taking that initial leap, staying motivated, and even saying no. Whatever kind of turning point you’re at in your career, this advice can serve you. I’m so excited for you all to listen and enjoy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The surprising, life-changing encounter that inspired Zephan to take the leap.
  • A tactic for breaking down big goals into small, achievable steps.
  • The first thing Zephan did after quitting his job.
  • How Zephan found his first clients as a freelancer.
  • The importance of saying no.
  • When to turn down opportunities, and when to embrace them.
  • Advice for attracting success and positive change in your work.
  • A special gift from Zephan, and more!

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